My Business Lunch Marathon

As you might know already, I eat 100% plant-based no  sugars and no grains or PPNSNG.  Every now and then, however, I like to “put a little bit of life into living”, as trainer Vinnie Tortorich like to say. For the special occasion, I usually drink a glass of wine or a beer. Last week, my entire team flew to town. They  came from Miami, Phoenix and Vancouver (Canada). Guess what one of them requested as soon as he landed? “Please take me to In & Out Burger”. Seriously? No way! I had better plans.”What about a place where we can all be happy?” First stop, the Stone Brewery World Bistro & Gardens in Escondido.



I had been to this brewery a couple of times before but never since I started eating 100% plant-based. Still,  I knew I would be able to order something good off the menu. To my surprise, the menu was full of delicious vegan options! It was nice not having to ask the waiter if there was shrimp in the house-made kimchi or dairy in the tofu masala.


I ordered the Shepherd’s Pie. This is spicy tempeh with locally grown vegetables, garlic and mashed potatoes. I asked the waitress to pair it with a good vegan beer.


“I am in heaven”, said one of my co-workers, while chewing on some BBQ Duck Taco Trio. “No, my pull chicken and wild boar sandwich is the best”, said another one.  While their dishes didn’t look appealing to me,  we were all in agreement: The food here is fantastic! As we were leaving the restaurant, I learned that they have a  Meatless Monday Menu. YES, I will be back soon! The next day, we headed to the Karl Strauss Brewing Company for a late lunch.


I ordered the Spicy Tofu Curry with bok choy, mushrooms, sunflower sprouts, citrus-glazed crispy tofu and thai basil green curry.  It’s usually served with long grain rice.  This meal was simply delightful. It’s sweet, tangy and rich.  The waiter couldn’t tell me if their beers were vegan or not ( strange, isn’t it?) so I opted out.


The following day we went to King’s Fish House in Carlsbad. We arrived at the perfect time. This place can get a little bit crowded sometimes. I ordered one of their signature salads, the Roasted Beets Salad with baby arugula, toasted pecans, dried cranberries and grapefruit & red wine vinaigrette. No goat cheese for me. This is probably the best beet salad I’ve ever eaten.


On our last day together, we only had 30 minutes to eat. Guess where the guys went for lunch? In & Out burger! Creatures of habit! I just stopped by Chipotle an grabbed a quick bowl of sofritas over lettuces. Nothing too glamorous! Still, I am amazed at how easy it is to eat 100% plant-based nowadays, at least in Southern California.


And this concludes my business lunch marathon. Hope you enjoyed it!

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